1.    The Grad-U Share incentive program is only open to WorkFaith graduates.

2.   People you refer must give your name at the time they sign up for the Boot Camp, and say that you referred them.  Ask them to mention GRAD-U-SHARE so we make sure you get the credit and $75 when they graduate.

3.   Referrals from Star of Hope, Open Door Mission, and Angela House do not qualify for the $75 referral fee; referrals from any other of WorkFaith's community partners qualify for GRAD-U-SHARE.  So get the word out - the referral fee is to help reach as many people as possible.

4.   If you, as the graduate, came to us from one of our partners, you ARE eligible to participate … but you’ll need to refer people who are not in the Star of Hope, Open Door Mission, or Angela House programs. A referral from any other community partner qualifies for the $75. Maybe you have someone at your church or a friend or relative who needs to come to WorkFaith.

5.   People you refer must have the necessary ID for employment, and must be able to pass a drug test.

6.    The first step is to send them to an information session at one of our three locations.  Remember to tell them to put your name and GRAD-U-SHARE on their application when they come to the information session!

7.   The GRAD-U-SHARE will run through December 31, 2019.   We reserve the right to suspend GRAD-U-SHARE at any time. 

8.   People you refer can go to any one of our four locations.  Our main office at 290/610, our second office at 5100 Travis Street, our third office at Reed Road and 288, or the fourth location at Gallery Furniture on I-45 North.

9.   Employees of WorkFaith (even if you are a graduate) are not eligible for GRAD-U-SHARE.



1.  Encourage a friend/family member to sign up for WorkFaith’s 8-Day Boot Camp - be sure they mention your name.

2. Your friend/family member graduates from the 8-Day Boot Camp.

3. You earn $75.


For more information, please contact us at