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8-Day Job Readiness Boot Camp

WorkFaith’s 8-Day Job Search Workshop (Boot Camp) is a Christ-centered program designed to equip students with the skills needed to conduct a successful job search and become productive employees.

Who Should Participate in our Workshop?

Many of our participants have struggled with barriers to employment such as:

•    Laid off after a long employment
•    Re-entering the job market after a move or raising children
•    Transitioning from prison or recovering from addiction
•    Or just been on the job search for too long and need some hope

Through our Workshop, participants are taught how to talk about their past to help an employer understand that their future is bright and that they are so much more than their past. Participants are also taught how to be great employees, how to thrive in the workplace, and how to grow in their faith throughout the journey.

Getting Started

Step 1

Click on “Sign Up for our 8-Day Bootcamp” to the right and our friendly staff will contact you to confirm your attendance in an upcoming Information Session.

Step 2

Attend an Information Session.  This session will last between 25-35 minutes and occur every Monday and Tuesday at 10am at any of our 3 office locations.  

Step 3

Fill out an application and participate in the selection interview process.

Step 4

Prepare to start the 8-Day Job Search Workshop.  

•    Our Workshop is 8 days.  The first day of class is typically Thursday – and the goes for the next 7 business days (no weekend days).
•    The Workshop is from 9am-4pm each day.  
•    Attendance for the entire 8 days is MANDATORY.  Before you schedule, please look at your  calendar to confirm that you have no scheduling conflicts or child-care issues during the 8 days of your  Workshop.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants are able to:
•    Execute a focused job search plan
•    Effectively fill out job applications
•    Create a resume that stands out
•    Answer tough interview questions with honesty and integrity
•    Highlight strengths and abilities
•    Identify the hidden job market

Cost of the Workshop

None!  The 8-Day Job Search Workshop is offered at no charge to you!  We are funded by amazing donors.




Common Questions:

What services do you provide?

The WorkFaith Connection provides an intensive 8-day classroom experience, followed by an intensive 90 day follow-up support and coaching during your job search. Once employed, we will stay in touch with you for at least two years to offer advice and encouragement. 

Will you guarantee me a job?

The WorkFaith Connection is not a job placement agency. We are committed to working with you to find employment for as long as you work with us.

Do you have job leads or referrals with employers?

We have contacts with a group of employers representing a wide range of businesses and types of jobs.

Do I have to pass a drug screen? If so, then why? What if I do not pass a drug screen?

Yes. Most employers require a clean drug screen in order to gain employment. For that reason, you must pass a drug screen on the first day of the workshop. 

Can you help me find a job if I have a felony or misdemeanor?

Yes. Based on your overall conviction record we are able to determine which employers would be the best fit for you. Our goal is to help all of our members gain full-time employment. If you have an extensive conviction record or convictions that involve violence, theft or sex, it may take longer to gain employment, but it is still possible.

What if I still have questions about The WorkFaith Connection?

You are welcome and encouraged to call our office at 713-984-9611 (Dacoma) or 281-833-3435 (Travis) or 281-674-7383 (Reed).


Why Participate?



Find employment after graduation



average income of graduates


men and women served


$160 Million

reported wages earned by graduates since 2007





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