What is Project 20/20?

Project 20/20 is the new advocacy and fundraising arm of The WorkFaith Connection. It is a collective of individuals all across Houston, who believe in the vision of WorkFaith and want to see our long-term employment program empower those seeking jobs in our city.

Join the project, and commit to giving monthly, impacting Houston through the gift of work.

Just go to our donation page, and enter your information, and mention “Project 20/20” in the comments.


Lindsey - Bridging the Gap

Lindsey left a job she loved to help her family rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. When she was ready to return to the workforce, she was emotionally exhausted and discouraged. After the large gap in her employment, Lindsey didn’t know how to market herself to potential employers. She was referred to The WorkFaith Connection, where she learned interviewing techniques and networking tips, and gained a new family. Following graduation, she utilized these tools to launch into job search and discovered a job opportunity she was excited to pursue. Lindsey now works full time as a client relations coordinator for a major law firm here in Houston. She is so thankful for WorkFaith, all that she learned, and the lifelong family she gained.


Robert - an Unexpected Chance

At seventeen, Robert was convicted to life in prison. After inviting God into his heart, Robert achieved degrees in Auto Mechanics and Christian Ministries while incarcerated. Robert served as a minister and instructor in the auto mechanics school inside prison. When a new parole board looked at what Robert had accomplished, they granted him parole. Robert moved to Houston and enrolled in The WorkFaith Connection where he learned how to talk about his past, the skills he developed while incarcerated, and how he is the best solution to an employer’s hiring needs. Robert has been employed at an architectural glass fabrication company for 4 years, receiving multiple promotions and raises. He owns his own home where he and his new wife live happily.


Matt - Full Circle Restoration

Matt was a single father and graphic designer before circumstances and poor choices derailed his life and career. For years, he struggled to restore his sense of stability and purpose. In 2015, God brought Matt to The WorkFaith Connection. At WorkFaith, Matt discovered new friendships, new hope, and new life! Matt graduated in August 2015 and was employed within 60 days. After a year with his initial employer, Matt was offered a graphic design job with a successful and growing company. After more than a decade away from the creative field, Matt now produces marketing materials for companies across the city, and is truly living the new life God has planned for him!

Why Partner with WorkFaith?

We live in a mega-city where those we serve have major obstacles gaining employment. Our program has always been free of charge, and we want to keep it that way! By partnering with The WorkFaith Connection through Project 20/20, you will be a voice for our mission, as well as be a part of our monthly giving team. We consider our monthly donors to be an integral part of sustaining our program’s reach in the city.


Why Does Monthly Giving Matter?

In 2019, we are focused on what can be accomplished as a collective of committed monthly givers across Houston. $20 of monthly giving, for example, when combined with thousands of others investing in Project 20/20, creates a ripple effect where your individual gift is greatly multiplied for God’s work.


Project 20/20 Matching

The WorkFaith Connection is blessed to have faithful donors that have partnered with us to match your monthly gift for a year! This doubles the impact of your gift, stretching it to impact more lives with the gift of work! We look with great anticipation to see how God uses your generosity in the lives of those needing hope in our city. Join the movement, share the vision!


What Does My Gift Do?

As men and women return to work, families are provided for and poverty is alleviated. Employed individuals’ need for government assistance is reduced and, for those with criminal backgrounds, employment greatly reduces recidivism. But above all, work fosters dignity. These transformed men and women become providers, tax payers, and role models in their homes, communities, and our city.